Our Statement of Purpose


The Pacific Church of God strives to teach the truth of God's Word, edify, and serve all members humbly and peaceably in love, resulting in the spiritual growth of the Body of Christ, directing the brethren to Jesus Christ as the head of the Church and toward the Kingdom of God.


Why our name?

The word "Pacific" has two meanings. The first has reference to the Pacific Ocean. This geographically defines the location of our founding in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and Canada. The second meaning, and by far the most important, is the making and promoting of peace. We are called to peace (Col 3:15). The Church, therefore, should be a place of peace, rest, and safety. We dedicate ourselves to achieving Godly peace among ourselves through the power of the holy spirit (Matt 5:9).

Who are we?

  • We are a like-minded group of brethren that God is bringing together.
  • We believe that the Great Commandment (Matt 22), as amplified by the Ten Commandments (Ex 20), should guide all we do.
  • We believe that the ministry's purpose is to feed the flock (Jn 21) and be a living sacrifice (Rom 12) for them.
  • We believe the brethren are to selflessly serve one another.
  • We believe that God's Church should be a place of peace, mutual respect, rest, and safety (Col 3:15).
  • We aim to provide such a place and welcome brethren who desire to meet in unity and peace with us.
  • All the brethren have a part in the work, and labor together in the organization.
  • God's Church is a spiritual organism comprised of brethren with God's Spirit irrespective of physical organizations.
  • All we do is to the glory and honor of God.


What services do we provide?

  • Our goal is to provide for the spiritual needs of the brethren.
  • Loving and communicating with one another, especially the scattered brethren.
  • In the Pacific Northwest, provide weekly Sabbath services with live speakers.
  • A website with sermon archives.
  • A Sabbath update, weekly reporting on the health and needs of brethren.
  • A shared speaking and traveling ministry with associated churches.
  • Feast site(s) for brethren of like mind with elders in attendance.
  • Counseling and anointing services.
  • Sermon Audio CDs and Video DVDs as well as mailing services.
  • Local Bible studies for adults and youth.
  • Budgeted financial resources for providing the above services.
  • Identify those brethren in need and determine the proper means of support.


What values do we live by and what values drive our organization?

  • Love (Mark 12:30-31): The great commandment should be at the core of all we think, say, and do.
  • Hunger and thirst for righteousness (Matt 5): We shall act earnestly in pursuit of the truth and holiness.
  • Relationships (Mark 12): All communications shall be conducted in a spirit of love towards God and love of the brethren.
  • Peace (Matt 5): We shall pursue peace amongst all brethren and establish a system for reconciliation according to Matt 18 and Matt 5.
  • Humility (Matt 5): Humility shall be the governing attitude in all decision-making and interpersonal relationships.
  • Gentleness and kindness (Matt 5): All brethren shall be treated with gentleness and kindness.
  • Respect for all persons (Jas 2): All brethren will be treated equally without favoritism.
  • Forgiveness and mercy (Matt 5 & 6): We shall all be ready to forgive and quick to show mercy in the same way Christ forgives and shows mercy to us.
  • Purity (Matt 5 & Rom 12): The ministry and the brethren shall set the highest standard of purity in conduct and selfless service to one another.
  • Personal conduct (Heb 12): All brethren shall pursue holiness and be accountable one to another, yielding the peaceable fruit of righteousness.
  • Governance (Acts 15): Elders shall work with other elders of like mind (regardless of church affiliation) to strengthen the Church and provide Godly leadership.
  • Transparency (Acts 15): All major decisions (including financial ones) shall be fully disclosed to, and discussed with, the brethren, seeking a consensus through the holy spirit.